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Halloween Party 2016


Last Saturday, our office had a Halloween Party in time for the celebration of All Saints Day. I brought with me the three kiddos, I personally prepared their costumes, I did my daughter’s Japanese inspired make-up. My youngest has this wolverine costume given by his granddad from US and obviously loving it. My eldest doesn’t want to wear any but participated in many games with his siblings. Above is their completed Iron man puzzle task.  There were games and prizes suited for the kids with lots of goodies to feast on.

Halloween was originally wasn’t celebrated here, but due to other countries and cultures influence, it became an awaited event for kids who also do trick or treat in the neighborhood. Before, there was only the ‘Nangangaluluwa‘ (soul) where a bunch of people will sing or serenade about a soul asking for prayers to go to heaven in front of a house on the night of All Saints Day, if you didn’t give anything they will steal chickens inside your fence (well, this was just a story told to us by my grandmother, lol)  but this isn’t practice anymore here in the city maybe in some provinces it could still be prevalent, maybe using vintage martin guitars in their serenade.

In celebration of All Saints Day, let us pray for the souls of our dearly departed, may their souls find an everlasting peace in the presence of our Lord.

Halloween Treats

The Halloween Celebration is an exciting event for kids, and kids at heart. Its a once in a year event where we can dress up and be somebody else. Scary or not. Though more popular as a western tradition, I believe Halloween is just a day like any other except you get the right to play around- a belief I picked up from my kids.

The recent Halloween celebration proved to be a real treat to my kids as we took a tour around the office for a wee family bonding on this annual event.


Although the entire event lasted at most an hour, it made our day fun and with lots of sweets to boot. But the adventure did not stop on that event because we still took a tour around the SM Mall for a change of scenery as well as a handful of candies.


Already, we’re looking forward to what to dress up as come the next All Hollows Eve. Although ideas abound, I would wait until the last minute because we know how kids are, they will always change their mind until a day before. So I will wait and see what the final versuon will be.