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Summer family holiday


One of our summer escapades was a whole day holiday for the whole family in Laguna province, not so far from the city, specifically for my mom who can’t tolerate long travels because of her health.

One of the highlights of our stay here in the Hot spring resort we rented is the sing-along session with the videoke machine provided by the resort which was included in the package. My 83 year old mother enjoyed it very much as she spend more time here than soak in the warm water of the swimming pool which was on the contrary of what the kids did who don’t seem to get tired of swimming all day long. The place is nice and clean and very comfortable and the staff are very reliable and courteous.

The resort was located in Pansol, Laguna famous for hot spring private resorts, where you can rent the whole place for the family or friends at affordable price and I can say we had a great deal here!

Power Outage Remedies for the Household


As much as we would like to have uninterrupted use of electricity, there are times when black outs cannot be avoided. One can never tell when a bad storm will damage electric wires and cause black outs for long hours, or perhaps experience an emergency shutdown of a power transmitter. The best thing to do is to prepare the family for such incidents and spend their time productively even without electricity. A couple of flashlights or rechargeable lights with spare batteries can take care of your illumination needs. Since modern gadgets can be used for both work and play, an extra Lenovo ThinkPad T400 7417 Laptop Battery may come in handy. Parents can also bring out classic board games or a deck of cards to bond with the kids while waiting for the power to return.

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Sing-along Party at home

videoke photo videoke_zpsebda7dc0.jpg

This videoke was my  gift to hubby last Christmas, I know he loves to sing and missing it a lot since our karaoke broke down many years ago. I bought this as gift for him and to make every occasions held at our home lively,  multi-purpose actually, lol.. Anyways, before buying this brand, I did a research as to which has a better  sound quality, this one or its competitor brand and it came out a winner with all the positive reviews I read, price and quality wise. The songs are carefully chosen and  the accompanying music is like being amplified with sansamp because of its clarity. Now the whole family is enjoying the sing-along party at home.. lol