Art in Island


It’s the season for school trips again! And while some of the schools have already done theirs, while others haven’t, one of the most popular destinations for 2016-2017 is the Art in Island 3D Museum located in Cubao, Quezon City.

Right in the heart of the city, Art in Island is an ingenious heaven made specially for selfies, groupies, and all words and descriptions available for people (like me. Calling all cam whores!) of all ages who love to step in front of or at the back of a camera bass speakers

The museum boasts of unlimited shots that you can take with each room hosting about 10 to 20 possible angles that were well thought of and aimed to make interaction as fun as possible. Take photos from any angles and you’re sure to have a winning shot!

Entrance fee is at 500 Php for adults, 400 Php for kids and seniors, and any kids below 3 feet are free of charge. Each person will be required to wear foot socks or go without shoes to best preserve the paintings since they span all around. Talk about floor to ceilings! 

Open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:30AM to 9:30PM, go ahead invite the gang, your family and everyone available to join in the fun!



Recycled material for D-I-Y Guitar


guitar project

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When my grandson had his school project of D-I-Y guitar I posted in my other blog, hubby was very hands-on in helping him do this project. They search for videos and how-to instructions in the net, even visited www.guitarcenter to get some ideas and feature of the guitar to make. I’m really glad they made it and got a high grade for this task. My grandson also learned the importance of recycling and creativity using old materials. A helpful lesson to teach kids to take care of the environment and mother nature, to lessen trash that ends in landfills that ultimately affect the surroundings and mankind.


Halloween Party 2016


Last Saturday, our office had a Halloween Party in time for the celebration of All Saints Day. I brought with me the three kiddos, I personally prepared their costumes, I did my daughter’s Japanese inspired make-up. My youngest has this wolverine costume given by his granddad from US and obviously loving it. My eldest doesn’t want to wear any but participated in many games with his siblings. Above is their completed Iron man puzzle task.  There were games and prizes suited for the kids with lots of goodies to feast on.

Halloween was originally wasn’t celebrated here, but due to other countries and cultures influence, it became an awaited event for kids who also do trick or treat in the neighborhood. Before, there was only the ‘Nangangaluluwa‘ (soul) where a bunch of people will sing or serenade about a soul asking for prayers to go to heaven in front of a house on the night of All Saints Day, if you didn’t give anything they will steal chickens inside your fence (well, this was just a story told to us by my grandmother, lol)  but this isn’t practice anymore here in the city maybe in some provinces it could still be prevalent, maybe using vintage martin guitars in their serenade.

In celebration of All Saints Day, let us pray for the souls of our dearly departed, may their souls find an everlasting peace in the presence of our Lord.