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Recycled material for D-I-Y Guitar


guitar project

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When my grandson had his school project of D-I-Y guitar I posted in my other blog, hubby was very hands-on in helping him do this project. They search for videos and how-to instructions in the net, even visited www.guitarcenter to get some ideas and feature of the guitar to make. I’m really glad they made it and got a high grade for this task. My grandson also learned the importance of recycling and creativity using old materials. A helpful lesson to teach kids to take care of the environment and mother nature, to lessen trash that ends in landfills that ultimately affect the surroundings and mankind.


Our little singer



Looks like my youngest son is the only one inherited the passion for singing from his grandfather, my father. Even as a toddler, he showed some potential and would sing his heart out while in the shower as he grow older, lol but a little shy when we ask him to sing in front of us and he also dances with the latest dance steps he saw while watching television. Maybe when he’s able to read lyrics, he can practice with our videoke machine and oh before I forgot we’re also looking for a bigger speaker with amplifier, and just found this tannoy reveal 402 while searching online. When budget permits we can have one like this as the shop does not have free shipping in our country.

His two siblings are both shy but the eldest also has fancy for dancing, I hope they will pursue these talents as it could improve their self confidence when with other people.



Discover your child’s potentials

kids with musical instrumentsChildren often love to play and be around with other kids of their age, but they also have hidden talents that can be discovered through different media, from scrap books, drawing kits to musical instruments. Some kids are very shy but given the proper guidance they will start showing their potentials. If the parents recognize their child’s talents is related to music, a piano or guitar or even voice lesson will be most appropriate to bring out the best in him or her, from playing simple guitar to fender telecaster musicians friend who knows, a superstar or a rockstar might born through these musical instruments. But the most important thing is, they are able to acquire self-confidence they will surely need when time comes they have to face the world all by themselves.