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Summer family holiday


One of our summer escapades was a whole day holiday for the whole family in Laguna province, not so far from the city, specifically for my mom who can’t tolerate long travels because of her health.

One of the highlights of our stay here in the Hot spring resort we rented is the sing-along session with the videoke machine provided by the resort which was included in the package. My 83 year old mother enjoyed it very much as she spend more time here than soak in the warm water of the swimming pool which was on the contrary of what the kids did who don’t seem to get tired of swimming all day long. The place is nice and clean and very comfortable and the staff are very reliable and courteous.

The resort was located in Pansol, Laguna famous for hot spring private resorts, where you can rent the whole place for the family or friends at affordable price and I can say we had a great deal here!

Halloween Treats

The Halloween Celebration is an exciting event for kids, and kids at heart. Its a once in a year event where we can dress up and be somebody else. Scary or not. Though more popular as a western tradition, I believe Halloween is just a day like any other except you get the right to play around- a belief I picked up from my kids.

The recent Halloween celebration proved to be a real treat to my kids as we took a tour around the office for a wee family bonding on this annual event.


Although the entire event lasted at most an hour, it made our day fun and with lots of sweets to boot. But the adventure did not stop on that event because we still took a tour around the SM Mall for a change of scenery as well as a handful of candies.


Already, we’re looking forward to what to dress up as come the next All Hollows Eve. Although ideas abound, I would wait until the last minute because we know how kids are, they will always change their mind until a day before. So I will wait and see what the final versuon will be.


Exciting new activities this summer

family vacation

The heat is unbearable and the temperature is still rising, the weather bureau said expect more for hotter days to come. But since we are used to it, enjoying the summer on the beach and swimming pools in resorts or nature tripping at the province or nearby countrysides is what we are always looking for. This also serves as family bonding moment as it coincides with the long school break. Speaking of family bonding, there are a lot of activities we can do during this season like getting into outdoor or indoor sports, learning new things like playing musical instruments as korg x50 keyboard. Or try some extraordinary activities like I had during my last vacation, snorkeling. It was my first deep sea water adventure and hope not the last. lol.