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Art in Island


It’s the season for school trips again! And while some of the schools have already done theirs, while others haven’t, one of the most popular destinations for 2016-2017 is the Art in Island 3D Museum located in Cubao, Quezon City.

Right in the heart of the city, Art in Island is an ingenious heaven made specially for selfies, groupies, and all words and descriptions available for people (like me. Calling all cam whores!) of all ages who love to step in front of or at the back of a camera bass speakers

The museum boasts of unlimited shots that you can take with each room hosting about 10 to 20 possible angles that were well thought of and aimed to make interaction as fun as possible. Take photos from any angles and you’re sure to have a winning shot!

Entrance fee is at 500 Php for adults, 400 Php for kids and seniors, and any kids below 3 feet are free of charge. Each person will be required to wear foot socks or go without shoes to best preserve the paintings since they span all around. Talk about floor to ceilings! 

Open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:30AM to 9:30PM, go ahead invite the gang, your family and everyone available to join in the fun!



Royal Christmas Celebration with SM

Okay, so Halloween has just been over and now I am expecting Christmas songs to fill the air bringing about a wave of nostalgia, and I’m not dissapointed. Its that moment when someone plays a classic Christmas song that you often hear in your younger years that automatically transports you back in time at your grandma’s house, all your cousins are presents, the waft of hot cocoa in the air telling you its close to Christmas eve and you’re trying to guess which present is yours.

I’m feeling the shifting of moods already, from happy to excited to a little sad to missing those days back to excited as I try to recall how many days will it be before Christmas? Ah, its just 40 something. Whew! Its that close.

So much for memories made, its something that we can always go back to. So this time its time to shift gears and let the kids make their own. Let SM Supermalls help us with making more fun memories to share with our kids as they start the Christmas Celebration with the help of Barbie.


The booths at The Block is sure to be enjoyed by everyone who wants to drop by. Different activities are ready to make the day more fun with face painting, photo booths, personalities dressed up as Barbies and princesses are ready to pose with children to make the experience more memorable.


The show was hosted by an array of stars and a fashion show that followed the official lighting of the Princess Tree.


Kids were also treated to royal snacks such as macarons, mallows, cupcakes and sweet treats  fit for princes and princesses.

You can catch the Royal Princess Tree light up every 30 minutes from 11 am to 8pm at The Block from November 7 to January 4.

So drop by The Block at SM North Edsa and enjoy the day with Barbie.

Halloween Treats

The Halloween Celebration is an exciting event for kids, and kids at heart. Its a once in a year event where we can dress up and be somebody else. Scary or not. Though more popular as a western tradition, I believe Halloween is just a day like any other except you get the right to play around- a belief I picked up from my kids.

The recent Halloween celebration proved to be a real treat to my kids as we took a tour around the office for a wee family bonding on this annual event.


Although the entire event lasted at most an hour, it made our day fun and with lots of sweets to boot. But the adventure did not stop on that event because we still took a tour around the SM Mall for a change of scenery as well as a handful of candies.


Already, we’re looking forward to what to dress up as come the next All Hollows Eve. Although ideas abound, I would wait until the last minute because we know how kids are, they will always change their mind until a day before. So I will wait and see what the final versuon will be.