Ariel Wash Your Fear Summit


Fearless Filipinas of Ariel’s Wash Your Fear Summit.

In the recently concluded Ariel Wash Your Fear Summit, Pinays from all walks of life have been given the priviledge to hear other fearless Pinays talk about facing all sorts of fears in life. Hosted by, none other than, the lovely Bianca Gonzalez. Each participant was given one shirt where they could write their personal fears.

To be honest, it was quite an experience for someone like me who have many insecurities in life. Being asked of our greatest fears can be quite daunting as who would be so open to bare their weanesses to the world, right? But it proved to be quite an eye opener for me knowing what most of us fear, is mundane compared to what others do. What struck a cord of consciousness was when peace and development advocate, Amina Rasul, pointed out that their fears while living in one of the most war driven region down south is actually the everyday struggles of surviving.

And I agree. If you happen to live in a chaotic city with wars being waged against your very survival, then there is very much to fear. Makes our common fear of being unaccepted, bullied, or even prejudiced seem like a walk in the park, right?


Now thanks to the summit, I’m able to takeaway the key lesson of being thankful for what I already have. And thanks to the rest of the fearless advocates, I can stand proud and face my own fears much like Ariel’s brand ambassador, Kris Aquino. Learning to live and face people with her life aleays on the stage, we can easily take things one at a time and wash away the stains of life with Ariel.

True enough! Writin our fears on spotless white shirts and seein it washed live and in front of the audience was amazing! No other chemicals were used and they ended up as spotless as if brand new. And I think that is a great lesson of life, yes?


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