Home music entertainment

When we bought our videoke machine for home entertainment, it was only connected to a TV and relied on the built-in speaker of the television, though it’s okay that the sound is clear but the problem was there is a delay when the music and the singer’s voice are played together.

The husband said it will be better if we buy a separate speaker for the machine instead of relying only on the built-in speaker, to give it a better boost. A friend suggested the jbl subwoofer for clear and better sound and according to the reviews about this product this is definitely a good buy with its good quality and affordable price. Since we don’t need the sound to be too loud, just fine for a home entertainment or party, we will try the smaller version which is within our budget.


Indoor hobby for this summer

The heat is so unbearable when you go out of the house specially during 9 am to 3pm, where the sun is at its warmest and because summer also coincides with the school vacation, you can’t prevent the kids from playing outside. Like in our place where the playground is just a few steps away, they are so happy to be there all day-long but my concern is the scorching temperature and the negative effect it will have on their health like skin rashes and worse, heat stroke.

photo credit by arztsamui/freedigitalphotos,net

photo credit by arztsamui/freedigitalphotos,net

So to keep them busy during this hours, I let them study guitar lesson by watching on Youtube and practice on the old guitar of their uncle, I can see they are enjoying it, but hoping not ask me to buy a guitar amplifier like sgos yet, lol. Anyways, I’m glad a found a way to keep their vacation happy and worthwhile through this indoor hobby while waiting for the weather to cool off so they can play outdoor, best of both worlds for them.. 🙂

Accordion music

accordion musician

One of the classic musical instruments is the accordion, I have seen it in classical movies where stars watched and danced while musicians play it in night clubs and bars. Those were the golden days of live bands and orchestras and everything are played live, so unlike today where you can play music in a click of a button. I think playing this musical instrument needs a lot of innate talent and heart to feel every beat of the music to impart with the audience and listeners. And some folks still go for live music, listening to musicians perform with hohner accordion with their heart and soul.

The instrument is played by compressing or expanding the bellows while pressing buttons or keys, causing valves, called pallets, to open, which allow air to flow across strips of brass or steel, called reeds, that vibrate to produce sound inside the body. The performer normally plays the melody on buttons or keys on the right-hand manual, and the accompaniment, consisting of bass and pre-set chord buttons, on the left-hand manual.

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