How Did Credit Card Processing Revolutionize the Business World?


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In the beginning of ‘business’, trade was the form of payment used for services or goods. Over time, money would be created, with coins and paper used to pay businesses when a transaction was completed. Today’ technology has advanced so far that we use plastic cards for goods and services! It is interesting to consider how credit card processing has revolutionized the way we do business. Consumers enjoy being able to pay quickly with credit, getting what they want now, rather than later.

Businesses today must be able to process debit and credit cards if they are to be successful. Gone are the days when everyone carried cash. Now that credit and debit cards can be used, consumers quickly pull out their plastic and rarely carry cash anymore. To be able to provide such services to customers, businesses must have an active merchant account. At Merchant Account Solutions, there are several options for small and medium businesses to create a merchant account and get started offering credit and debit card services.

With such units as the Clover POS systems, your business can easily integrate credit and debit card payment options. Choose a simple mobile option to take your business on the go or install the Clover Station to have a fully operational register to assist you with payments as well as additional features such as inventory and time cards.

Such solutions provided by MAS are free of setup fees and equipment costs which mean you do not have to worry about budgeting to get started. You simply work with a customer service representative to find the right POS option for your business needs. By installing such payment options, you are taking your business to the next level. Consumers want access to credit and debit card payments and you will find repeat business by offering such options.


Wholesome and creative activities for kids


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Teaching kids to play musical instruments tap their creativity and lessen their use of gadgets during free time, turning each moment into worthwhile activities. As they learn, their minds and talents grow, and become more comprehensive to new ideas, even creating their own versions of the new or old songs or music.

They also learn to accessorize their instruments turning ordinary sounds into pro-like piece by using accessories that enhance instruments like guitars, piano, wind instruments, speakers and even microphones. Accessories like planet waves available at Musicians Friend. As time goes on their creativity will also grow.



Summer family holiday


One of our summer escapades was a whole day holiday for the whole family in Laguna province, not so far from the city, specifically for my mom who can’t tolerate long travels because of her health.

One of the highlights of our stay here in the Hot spring resort we rented is the sing-along session with the videoke machine provided by the resort which was included in the package. My 83 year old mother enjoyed it very much as she spend more time here than soak in the warm water of the swimming pool which was on the contrary of what the kids did who don’t seem to get tired of swimming all day long. The place is nice and clean and very comfortable and the staff are very reliable and courteous.

The resort was located in Pansol, Laguna famous for hot spring private resorts, where you can rent the whole place for the family or friends at affordable price and I can say we had a great deal here!