Mum, Home and Online Bingo!


Image courtesy of nenetus at

Image courtesy of nenetus at

For a mother who is working or remaining at home, figuring out how to invest some quality energy with companions can be near unimaginable as they have definitely no opportunity to go spend a few hours out of their everyday schedules. So what could it be that you can do while watching out for your lovely kids? Is it advisable to visit with a couple of companions, play and procure some cash without leaving home?


Online bingo gives you the delight of doing only this. While playing on an online bingo webpage, you get the chance of winning prizes as well as permit you to associate with different players on the web. There are a huge number of players online who appreciate the amusement the same amount of for different reasons. While some like it for the assortment of recreations and prizes included, most others appear to have fancied for it as they have met many individuals on the web.

It’s totally chill for a player to lose, as the gaming depends altogether on one’s fortunes and there is no beating each other. Regardless of how sharp you could possibly be, online bingo gives everybody an equivalent shot at winning. It’s generally advised to check out for latest bingo promotions on these websites to redeem double every time you bet for cash. It’s very convenient to visit this site and check out for yourself as to what are your fortunes bringing you today!

Like this, you get the opportunity to save your energy at home, play for nothing and make another companion on these bingo rooms! It simply doesn’t get any more advantageous than this. With this, join an online bingo webpage today and add somewhat more fervor to your life spice up your daily routine with these enticing bingo rooms, and enjoy the fun of social gaming at your couch!


Halloween Party 2016


Last Saturday, our office had a Halloween Party in time for the celebration of All Saints Day. I brought with me the three kiddos, I personally prepared their costumes, I did my daughter’s Japanese inspired make-up. My youngest has this wolverine costume given by his granddad from US and obviously loving it. My eldest doesn’t want to wear any but participated in many games with his siblings. Above is their completed Iron man puzzle task.  There were games and prizes suited for the kids with lots of goodies to feast on.

Halloween was originally wasn’t celebrated here, but due to other countries and cultures influence, it became an awaited event for kids who also do trick or treat in the neighborhood. Before, there was only the ‘Nangangaluluwa‘ (soul) where a bunch of people will sing or serenade about a soul asking for prayers to go to heaven in front of a house on the night of All Saints Day, if you didn’t give anything they will steal chickens inside your fence (well, this was just a story told to us by my grandmother, lol)  but this isn’t practice anymore here in the city maybe in some provinces it could still be prevalent, maybe using vintage martin guitars in their serenade.

In celebration of All Saints Day, let us pray for the souls of our dearly departed, may their souls find an everlasting peace in the presence of our Lord.

Ariel Wash Your Fear Summit


Fearless Filipinas of Ariel’s Wash Your Fear Summit.

In the recently concluded Ariel Wash Your Fear Summit, Pinays from all walks of life have been given the priviledge to hear other fearless Pinays talk about facing all sorts of fears in life. Hosted by, none other than, the lovely Bianca Gonzalez. Each participant was given one shirt where they could write their personal fears.

To be honest, it was quite an experience for someone like me who have many insecurities in life. Being asked of our greatest fears can be quite daunting as who would be so open to bare their weanesses to the world, right? But it proved to be quite an eye opener for me knowing what most of us fear, is mundane compared to what others do. What struck a cord of consciousness was when peace and development advocate, Amina Rasul, pointed out that their fears while living in one of the most war driven region down south is actually the everyday struggles of surviving.

And I agree. If you happen to live in a chaotic city with wars being waged against your very survival, then there is very much to fear. Makes our common fear of being unaccepted, bullied, or even prejudiced seem like a walk in the park, right?


Now thanks to the summit, I’m able to takeaway the key lesson of being thankful for what I already have. And thanks to the rest of the fearless advocates, I can stand proud and face my own fears much like Ariel’s brand ambassador, Kris Aquino. Learning to live and face people with her life aleays on the stage, we can easily take things one at a time and wash away the stains of life with Ariel.

True enough! Writin our fears on spotless white shirts and seein it washed live and in front of the audience was amazing! No other chemicals were used and they ended up as spotless as if brand new. And I think that is a great lesson of life, yes?